NEW ALBUM: Revelations now available!

Our second studio album titled Revelations is now finished and available for digital download. This 15 song, sophomore effort by Stays In Vegas includes songs that range from gritty rock, alternative, grunge/punk and acoustic. Spanning over the course of 6 months, their songs and sounds have progressed from their freshman album Faces for the Moments release in 2014.

The first single titled Set The Cider Aside was actually released in early 2016 as a stand alone single. The recent single Let It Roll, has been featured on 100.3 The Edge, Alternative Underground, and Banks Radio Australia. The cover song Counting Blue Cars, originally by the band Dishwalla, was just released in January as a video available on YouTube.

The album, and songs, is currently available as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Reverbnation. It is also streaming on Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud. Or you can check it out on the bands website.

#NewAlbum #RagingClouds

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