Stays In Vegas is a hard rock band out of Little Rock, AR. 


Their music ranges from hard Rock, alternative, grunge, punk and acoustic ballads. Their sounds can be related to Nirvana, Helmet, Queens of the Stone Age, Greenday, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Tool, and Royal Blood. 


Beginning as a 90's to now cover band, they finally made the switch to original songs in 2013 and released their first album, Faces For The Moment with the first single Myself being played at various stations across the US. Their second album, Revelations, was released in February of 2017 with the singles Set the Cider Aside, Let It Roll and Sanity playing on stations such as AlternativeNation, Alternative Underground, Banks Radio Australia, 100.3 The Edge Little Rock and many others. Their third album, Kings of Pain, is a mixture of hard, darker and more diverse songs for the band with the first single Lower I Go making waves on various Spotify playlists. Stays In Vegas songs can be heard from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Asia and Canada. 

The bands live shows are considered energetic, fun and interactive. They mix rouring rock songs with melodic ballads and humorous banter with the audience and amongst the band members themselves.  There is always a surprise to be had at any Stays In Vegas live show. But they are also music fans first and foremost, so you'll most likely catch the band jamming out in the crowd with fans to the opening bands rather then hiding out in a green room. They love their fans and love to be fans as well. 


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